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My Outback has shrunk. And changed color.

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I will miss the OB, but I am excited for something that suits my needs a little better. Plans for this one are a light bar (probably Rally Innovations or custom fab) King Springs, Sway bars/links, trans bushings and maybe some intake/exhaust upgrades. Not planning on going crazy since it is a SOHC. Just want it to be more mountain worthy than it is currently. Any suggestions are welcome!
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Yeah I didn't really want to give up my OB but due to the fact that it was starting to have some weird tranny issues and my extended warranty was up I really didn't want to have to potentially drop hundreds or thousands in a car I was still paying for. So I went with the OBS, it gets a couple more MPG and still does what I need it to. Plus it has the all weather package and a few more bells and whistles than my OB had. I'm a single guy with no kids so I don't need something as big as an OB either.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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