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Hey everyone, I've been following these boards for a few years now but rarely get involved. Recently I had both of the inner CV boots on my front axles blow out. Luckily I found out early and with the help of these boards had the two axles swapped out in a couple of hours in my garage. However, since then (about three days) I have had a mystery clunk in my front drivers side corner.

The clunk wasn't consistent so knew it wasn't the axle and it didn't necessarily happen on every bump or jolt so i knew it wasn't the strut (which is also brand new KYB which i highly recommend) so I though it might be a bad sway bar bushing that i noticed. Bought the part at the dealer for $5 and started to get into the install but while poking around I thought i would make sure the end links were torqued properly and sure enough the bottom bold was loose. Not enough to be visible but enough to move around with my hand and a good shove.

So, if anyone else out there has a mystery clunk you should check your end links before you start buying expensive parts and guessing.

Good luck.
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