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Sorry to cross post, but I'm not getting much from the other thread.

The other day, I got into my 02 OBW Ltd. and observed a foam donut shaped thingy lying on the driver's floor mat.

I have no idea where it came from or what it is. I've attached a drawing of it - best I could do.

It is about 4" in. diamater, made of soft yellow foam with a thin slice of black plastic or leather on the top surface. There was some black greasy stuff on the inner diameter.

Looks like it came either from the underside of the dash or from under the seat????????

What the **** is this thing and where does it belong?


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My guess would be that it goes around something that goes through the firewall - it's part of the sound deadening. Look up between the pedals and the dashboard, like where the steering column goes through, and see if you can find any gaps around anything.

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Yeah, maybe around the steering column or something. The firewall has that 'insulation' stuff on it. Or you could put icing on it and eat it! Brian
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