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08 OB 3.0R Ltd
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I have the OEM navigation system in my OB 2008. Recently the map compass lost their north! The map positioning show me at the right place, but the map constantly rotate on herself...

I read the manual and try the calibration function. I drove 10 KM and the problem was fix.

Few days lather the same problem appear again. So I do others calibrations and remark that the positioning was less accurate or wrong. The rotating map problem still there by intermittent.

I call my Subaru dealer and tell me that is probably the GPS gyroscope, and by fact this peace cannot be change. So they think I need a new head unit.

Do you have others tips or advice that I can try to fix this problem?
Alternative solutions?

I don't want to spend a lot of money on that because the screen is already cracked and this system don't worth the price. It's a cool gadget but basically I don't really need-it!

Nav. Specs. :
Keenwood FVZ203UF2
Software 2006 V.2
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