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Navigation voice commands

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I cannot get the voice command system to operate the navigation system
or the USB device (which works manually)
it will operate the phone as instructed in the manual

hitting the voice command button on the steering wheel then "help" brings me to a selection table with only navigation listed.

When I say Navigation it understands and repeats the word but in a few seconds tells me that that command is not available with my current audio set up.

I cannot find trouble shooting information in the manual to help with this issue?

The navigation system works fine manually.

one other point, the car was purchased in the US and brought into canada, I do not think this has anything to do with it.


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I just figured it out

to use the voice command feature on the navigation system you have to have the system set to TTS first, it does not seem to work if you choose the regular voice directions.

the system seems to work well now

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I have no idea what it is either. my 12 did not come with a manual for bluetooth or navagation.
does anyone know if there somewhere online I can get a list of voice commands?
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