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Need help buying 13' Outback

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Hello all! We are looking to buy a 13' 3.6 special appearance Outback. We have done NO negotiating so far. I am looking to go in with our best out the door offer. Currently with NO negotiating done the out the door price is $41,522..obviously that price is out of the question. I am also going to ask for a few additional items be added on. Tow package and rear seat protector. It has everything we could possibly want, but any add on suggestions are appreciated as well :D
So what is a fair out the door price in your opinion? I am in Arizona if that make a difference :)

This will be our first Subaru!
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So if I remember your numbers right, what it comes down to is that you're expecting over $5k off MSRP + Fees + TTL? I'm not surprised they're not receptive to that.
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