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Need help figuring out 2018 Touring's radio!

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I admit I am unfamiliar with Subaru's radio and all the ways things are done on it, but for the life of me, I cannot seem to locate anything that tells me one iota about whether I can adjust the 'balance' of the speakers, or the 'fade' or adjust treble and bass in any way. I have searched in all of the books that come with the car and played with all the buttons on the radio and I cannot seem to find how to get into any kind of menu that would allow me to make any kinds of adjustments of that sort. I talked to my salesperson but what they told me doesn't seem to apply to my 2018 8" screen. Can anybody give me any tips or pointers or even tell me if it's possible. I know that even the cheapest of radios seem to allow for those kinds of adjustments so I'm having a hard time believing that it's not possible on this radio.
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That WORKED! Thank you so very much. I had gone to settings, but I had neglected to tap the SOUND button along the bottom row, until I read your directions. I knew it had to be in there some where..I was just looking for the complete choice of options to be in the bigger screen once I had punched settings and did not tap the sound button on the bottom.
Now I know...
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