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NEED HELP! Head unit to amp,amp no power on

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Head unit turns on, I got power to the amp but the amp it self is not turning on, I don not have the speaker wire plugged in to the amp,but power and ground,it does have a remote lead from the amp,what I read in the 3 manuals that I have for subaru harness,head unit and amp there is a blue and white wire for head unit to harness,what I read from them manuals this should be with the remote wire goes,but it doesn't look like it.....been on this for 2 days now,

Alpine pdx-v9 amp
Pioneer avh-x3500bhs

Also the head unit need to have the parking brake wired....why and where should I connect this?

Head unit wire info

Yellow 12v constant
Orange/white lighting switch terminal( no wire on new subaru harness)
Red ignition switch(12vdc)
Black ground
Violet/white-reverse gear( what wire is this on the subaru)
Yellow/black- auto lead mute function( read that we don't have this)
Light green-parking brake(why?)
Blue/white-system control terminal of the power amp or auto-antenna relay

After that is the speaker wire that I don't think i use because I am using RCA cables

So if anyone is awake right now please help me will check this every few minutes
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I'm not trying to be offensive but it might be time to get some local professionals involved. If the amp isn't turning on and you've got 12v from the battery in the positive terminal, ground to ground and the blue/white to the remote lead of the amp. I havne't installed a newer Pioneer in a few years but the parking brake should go to the wiring for the parking brake so that the radio will limit some functions when the parking break isn't on. If I were you I would've gotten the harness from David, svxDc and you can check his site for some additional wiring information.

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I'm not trying to be offensive but it might be time to get some local professionals involved.
So i did that night lol, my wrx forum that i go to has a audio shop owner,he came to my house after work and took a look at it, it was 2 things one,that i didnt know about, u have to play sound out before the amp kicks in,and two, the vampire clip that i was using didnt hit the wire, but yeah parking brake thing seems retarded.....

Sound systems are not my thing so i tried to take a crack at it,i hate wiring in cars so i do try to stay away from it as much as possible lol new found hate for wiring :) thanks for yalls in put

I got a new problem i cant get my HU out of reverse picture,i dont have my wire hooked up nore my rca installed for it.... it wont back out,had it going for a good 20mins now it wont pop out of it,i took the wire harness out will try again tonight by then i hope to find the reverse wire so i can hook that up and install the rca cable as well
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