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NEED HELP! Head unit to amp,amp no power on

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Head unit turns on, I got power to the amp but the amp it self is not turning on, I don not have the speaker wire plugged in to the amp,but power and ground,it does have a remote lead from the amp,what I read in the 3 manuals that I have for subaru harness,head unit and amp there is a blue and white wire for head unit to harness,what I read from them manuals this should be with the remote wire goes,but it doesn't look like it.....been on this for 2 days now,

Alpine pdx-v9 amp
Pioneer avh-x3500bhs

Also the head unit need to have the parking brake wired....why and where should I connect this?

Head unit wire info

Yellow 12v constant
Orange/white lighting switch terminal( no wire on new subaru harness)
Red ignition switch(12vdc)
Black ground
Violet/white-reverse gear( what wire is this on the subaru)
Yellow/black- auto lead mute function( read that we don't have this)
Light green-parking brake(why?)
Blue/white-system control terminal of the power amp or auto-antenna relay

After that is the speaker wire that I don't think i use because I am using RCA cables

So if anyone is awake right now please help me will check this every few minutes
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