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Need help on new tires

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I'm thinking about improving oem continentals on 2013 2.5 premium. I'm looking for better handling and decent winter performance so I don't have to get dedicated snows in central Ohio. I'm upsizing to 235/55-17 for better tire choices. This is my list for now. DWS and coopers are UHP all season and the rest are grand touring all season.

Continental extreme contact DWS, $162 - 99w, 540 A A
Bridgestone Turanza serenity plus, $153 - 99v, 600 A A
Cooper zeon rs3-a, $103 - 99w, 500 AA A
Continental purecontact, $158 - 99h, 700 A A
Michelin mvx4, $182 - 99h, 620 A A

Serenity v purecontact v mvx4:
Tire Test Results : Testing Grand Touring All-Season Tires

Tire Test Results : Testing Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires

DWS winter test:
Tire Test Results : Winter Testing at the Arctic Circle: Ultra High Performance All-Season

Pro contact v mvx4:
Tire Test Results : Even Grander Grand Touring Tires

I haven't seen much on the coopers, but they are highly rated by consumer reports. Anyone have any input or other suggestions, I'd love to hear it. Thanks
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I put ExtremeContacts DWS on my X3 last year and I really like them. They specially good in wet roads. Now to make that car slide I really have to hang on to the steering wheel :) I'm now shopping for tires for my OB (the X3 is going to my wife) and had not I decided to go with separate sets for winter/ rest of the year, I would get these for the OB too.

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I don't find anything so poor with the OEM tires that I'd flush a wad of money down the toilet.

We just got the Michelin Defender on our other car and they handle well, have very good wet traction but are also soft on cracks and quiet. Too early to tell on snow but these have sipes that are full depth of tread. That's a feature that has been present in some of the best tires I've had.

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Typically upsizing your section width (225->235) is the wrong direction for better snow performance. All the snow rally guys run super thin tires. The logic is that they're narrower so they don't have to fight the snow as much and there the weight of the car is spread out over the smaller contact surface area of the tires to give more pressure and thus bite/grip into ice (I don't know how well this works with compounds not specifically designed for ice traction however). I also don't know how much of a practical difference that 10mm section width really makes for snow performance difference since I've never seen any tire tests where the only variable was section width and I don't have the money to burn to do the testing myself.

I've never used them, but a lot of people on the forums recommend Nokian WR G2 tires for true all seasons since they're also a rated performance snow tire (though they tend to wear a bit faster as a result too). DiscountTire doesn't seem to carry WR G2's even though they carry Nokians (and TireRack doesn't carry Nokians period), but this website ( seems to have them in 225/60/17 though I've never used this website myself.

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I'm upsizing for better options in tires and a better handling tire. The contis seem to have a lot of sidewall flex, even when I changed the tire pressure. Plus there are several posts on here that say how poor the contis are in snow, as well as a lot of reviews on tirerack. I'm not looking for a snow tire, just an all season that doesn't suck in the snow
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