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Hey guys, I thought I was going to have to scrap my 98 OB only a week after buying it because a vehicle inspection showed that it is leaking oil worse then the Exxon Valdese.:eek: They quoted me $1500-$3000 to pull the engine and put in new gaskets/timing belt/water pump/plugs/etc. Seeing as the car has 275k km and I only paid $1000 for it this did not seem like a great option. I was luckily able to find, on my local Montreal Subaru forum, someone who knows how to do this work and is only going to charge me $100 for labor. He is not a pro but he has done a few HG jobs on these cars before and with my help he figures we can get it done in 1.5 days. He told me to "get the parts together" and then give him a call back and we would work out a time. I know basically what I need but I don't want to miss anything. Here is my list so far:

-Engine gasket kit
-Water pump
-Timing belt
-Platinum spark plugs
-New oil and filter
-New coolant

I am getting all my parts from RockAuto Auto Parts

Also, for the engine gasket kit I have 2 options:

More Information for DNJ ENGINE COMPONENTS FGS7010


More Information for SEALED POWER 2601850

I have read about people doing HG jobs with bad china gaskets and the things failing after only like 20k km's so I want to avoid awful brands If I can.
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