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miles on this?

could be a tie rod, worn A arms, or a poor alignment, and when you turn it is making something marginal react.


if it is head gaskets, EZ30 pump exhaust gases into the coolant making the overflow bottle splatter coolant out of the top. did you see where anyone cleaned some up?

RARE things:
I have personally seen one EZ30D 2004 US spec leak coolant out the exhaust, which was kind of a unheard of thing after they stopped making old turd EJ25D. it had 245,000 miles on it. others have had ones leak coolant out the head gaskets externally.

the fix to such cars is to buy a JDM engine. in your case a 250hp EZ30 with the plastic intake. (not the old 212hp one with the metal intake). so you should pad in about $2000 into the cost if you want to buy this and it does need a engine.

but it could also just have porous coolant lines making it loose coolant out, and possibly sucking clean air in.
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