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I was kindda tough on this guy...maybe I should not of been and he can help you out!

My bad! Looks like he sold all of them on ebay. Perhaps you could do the same thing he did!
Red - Yes you were a bit tough but I didn't take it personally. I did sell all three in pretty quick order and had a total of eight inquiries about the availability including one this morning from "Owen." But, you were nowhere near as tough as the fine folks who chastised me for my asking price on my 2014 Fully Loaded Outback 2.5i Limited with 77,000 on the clock. I've got to say, some people really don't understand what market-makers are. Yes, selling a 2014 is a bit tough... it's priced just too high for those looking for cheaper reliable transportation and is too old for some when they can get newer for an extra couple of hundred bucks per month. It's a tough spot. In the end, I had three serious inquiries and the buyer ($200 below the ask) was ecstatic to be getting out of her 200K mile 2010 Base Outback and into a beautifully maintained loaded Outback with 133K less miles, no head gasket issues, and a timing chain. It was sold within 10 days, during a snow storm, with 20 inches of snow on the ground (five fresh fallen and still coming).

Thanks for directing this Forum Member to me. May we all have everlasting shining coats of paint.
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