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06 OBW 2.5, 05 Forester, had 03 H6 OBW
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I need a pic, any pic, of the AWD transfer valve that the Transfer Solenoid/Duty C solenoid bolts into.

Ideally pics of both sides of the valve and the channels under the valve, but even a pic of the valve with just the rear section of the trans removed would be very helpful.

I can find lots of pics, but all are of 2003 or older.

By year/model this is what I'm looking for (any one will work):

Baja 2004-2006
Forester 2004
Impreza 2005
Legacy 2004
Outback 2004

subarupartsforyou is throwing me off the trail because regardless of year the only pic they show is this one:

Does that match anyone's valve?

Even if someone has seen theirs and can tell me how similar it looks to my '03:

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