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Alrighty, sit tight for just a minute. I'm 17 and I've got an auto 2001 Outback Limited Sedan and I need your help with some mods. I was beginning to think I wanted a WRX, but I cant find the reasoning behind $5K just for a little over 50 extra HP? Besides, I like my car very much. Anyways, I have 2 phases that I want to put my car through:D. Phase 1, replace all of the stock audio system with brand new aftermarket. I've got some of this done, putting in a JL w3 and amp, but plan on putting some components. Anyways, the next phase or idea would be to get some "power mods." I was thinking of an up, downpipe, basically full exhaust and maybe an intake (so the car could 'breath' more easily.) anyways, I'm seeking for some advice from you guys (didnt get much help from nasioc, since they usually talking about modding their WRX's. Buying a whole new car just doesnt seem very smart in the outcome though. Anywho...I would have around 1K to spend on the "power mods". any ideas would be great. thanks:D
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