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Needing help finding a bumper bar!

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Hello, I have a 2007 outback and am looking for a bumper bar to put on it, I found one but am not sure if the company is still around, I really like this style, if anyone has any information about the company or know of other bumper bars like this style please let me know! Thank you
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not sure if the company is still around
The site copyright is 2023. They look active. Also, see this thread: Anyone familiar with Gorilla Offroad coilovers?
I see what you mean, most recent post on socials are from over 6 months ago. Their Facebook page has a phone number, (815) 715-6003 , could give that a try. I had a set of their mud flaps on my XV but that was 10 years ago. I do remember them having very responsive customer service as well.
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