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2006 Subaru Outback XT 5MT
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Hello all,

New to the forums, new to Subie ownership, and back to 5 speed after MANY years of automatics.

I just purchased a used 06 Outback XT w/72000 miles. Test drive was fine, a little drama from being away from shifting for years, but overall a good experience. Shifted well, drove well, no weird noises, very little rust for a Northeastern car, etc.

I drove the car back from seller's house with no issues, had a buddy in the car listening/feeling as well for anything. No complaints, smooth shifting and ride.

I had a little drama with a stop sign on a hill, and have (embarrassingly) stalled the car a couple times at stoplights since then, but nothing major outside of growing pains with getting acclimated to a new car.

Today, I was driving to the DMV to get her registered, and since its a nice day I turned off the A/C and rolled the windows down. Rolling down the road, I heard some high grinding noise echoing back at me from the surrounding houses - near completely inaudible from inside the car without the echoing back. If I had to characterize the sound, it'd be like a rough idle sound in an automatic.

Any ideas as to what this might be? I'm pretty noobish with tranny issues. If you feel this might be user error and nothing to worry about, feel free to say so, I won't ignore the fact that it might not even be tranny-related. Thanks!

(I'll post pics of her when I have them to upload)
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