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New 07 Owner - ebrake and hood latch issues ...

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I recently got my 07 Outback, selling my 02 Outback Sport (different, sad story) and I am not as happy (honestly) with this car - yet. Here are my issues.
  1. in cold weather, the hood doesn't close all the way. anyone know how to adjust the catch?
  2. passenger headlight has burned out twice in the three months I've had the, I think its related to how hard I have to slam the hood to close it (see issue 1) but anyone have this issue or an idea what to look for
  3. e-brake makes a loud clanking sound - like when a loose tension wire is hitting the under carriage when pulled tight. This only happens when the car is moving and I simulate the need to use the e-brake, or when I want to execute a e-brake turn in a snow filled parking lot. And the e-brake is "soft" in that it doesn't feel like there is any tension on it since it doesn't seem to do anything until it is almost pointing straight up.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
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The e-brake shoes are inside the 'hat'/drum portion of the rear rotors. They are not self adjusting. There is a rubber plug that fills a slot thru which adjustment are made to the 'star' wheels. Perhaps they only need adjustment. Ceratinly there can be other problems with the handle/cable or internal e-brake parts. Try a search for parking/emergency brake adjustment.
Thank you for the reply. I'll take a look at the adjuster when I do the next oil change (a week or so) - didn't realize it was not self adjusting.

On a side note, I know I need new brakes and planned on it in the spring. Might now include/plan for new e-brake shoes just to be safe.
You rarely need ebrake shoes unless someone drove a while with the ebrake on.
I'm actually suspicious that the cable is seized up (rusted somewhere) and might need replaced.

Sprat the hood latch with lithium grease. I am betting there is water in the pivot points and when it is below freezing, the latch can't move correctly.

I just had to do this 2 weekends ago.
Will do. I had this issue, ironically, with my Imrpeza too. I think I sprayed it too but never got a positive result. I'll this a try though.
First of all, it is not an E-brake, but a PARKING brake. You are doing nasty stuff to your center diff. To each his own. Cable issue is a likely candidate.
I don't know if that is entirely true. The owner's manual does mention that the
"parking brake" can be used to slow the vehicle down should there be brake failure. Granted (and always understood) it says slow, not stop. Using the term "parking" or "emergency" is semantics although in this day in age it is not seen as much as an emergency brake since so much has changed from when the "emergency" brake was introduced. Regardless, of what you want to call it - it is/can be used in case of an emergency and is/should be used when the vehicle is parked.

Mechanically, I am not sure how the use of the brake is going to do "nasty stuff" to the center diff unless you are trying to accelerate AND apply the parking brake at the same time. Using it by itself, with no power to the wheels (as I imply I have) is not different than applying the brakes - its just a cable connected to a set of shoes located in a drum in the hub of the rear wheels. Applying the parking brake for a second or two on a slippery surface to get the back-end to slide out a little is hardly going to mess with your center diff any more than moderate to hard acceleration from a dead stop on a dry surface.

But, in the interest of staying on topic (now that we've each shared our persepctive of that matter) I do suspect it is the parking brake cable. Since its a Chicago car, it's previous owner might have been one who never used it, even with the car was in park. So I imagine it has seized up.

I'm actually more concerned about the passenger headlight - and if that is going to be an on going issue.
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The replacement cable is pretty cheap from Subaru.
Thank you much. I'm looking at a salvaged 06 LGT so I might get it, the calipers, and caliper brackets from that should they check out.
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