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New 07 Owner - ebrake and hood latch issues ...

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I recently got my 07 Outback, selling my 02 Outback Sport (different, sad story) and I am not as happy (honestly) with this car - yet. Here are my issues.
  1. in cold weather, the hood doesn't close all the way. anyone know how to adjust the catch?
  2. passenger headlight has burned out twice in the three months I've had the, I think its related to how hard I have to slam the hood to close it (see issue 1) but anyone have this issue or an idea what to look for
  3. e-brake makes a loud clanking sound - like when a loose tension wire is hitting the under carriage when pulled tight. This only happens when the car is moving and I simulate the need to use the e-brake, or when I want to execute a e-brake turn in a snow filled parking lot. And the e-brake is "soft" in that it doesn't feel like there is any tension on it since it doesn't seem to do anything until it is almost pointing straight up.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
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The e-brake shoes are inside the 'hat'/drum portion of the rear rotors. They are not self adjusting. There is a rubber plug that fills a slot thru which adjustment are made to the 'star' wheels. Perhaps they only need adjustment. Ceratinly there can be other problems with the handle/cable or internal e-brake parts. Try a search for parking/emergency brake adjustment.

number 16 is the adjuster. There is an arrow on the backing plate showing which direction tightens the shoes(NOTE; 07 might be a little different - not sure though);

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