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New 2.5i Owner

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I didn't see a "new members" section for Gen 3 owners, so I thought I'd announce my thanks for everyone's contributions here really quick. I made it to about page 25 of the 3rd Gen forum researching my purchase, and really appreciate all the input and information that is found here.

I purchased an '07 Outback 2.5i yesterday, 49k miles, and am looking forward to getting to know it better. I've been a member of a forum on every vehicle I've owned in the last 10 years, and it has been invaluable in helping me know how to best take care of it. I probably won't be a very prolific poster, but I'll be cruising around looking for answers every chance I get, and I'll pitch in my $.02 where I can.

So thanks again for all your help!
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2015 Outback 2.5 limited
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Two days ago I bought an '08 2.5i Limited, 78k miles. It's our first Subaru. Keep in touch, we should share notes as we put miles on the car(s).
Sounds like a nice car. There was an '09 2.5i Limited that made the "final round" in my shopping. Nice brown color with cream/tan leather interior. I was quite impressed with how the car was outfitted -- certainly on par with the Acura TL and the loaded VW Passat that we owned in the past.

Good luck!
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