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2011 Outback 3.6R Limited
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Hey, this here's my intro, nice to meet you all -- I just bought a 2011 3.6R Limited (Sept. 2017) with 81K miles. Good and clean-looking inside and out. 5-speed auto and I love the flat six power. It's the first Subie in my family since my mom's '85 GL wagon, which never let us down. I'm excited about having an AWD in the driveway and Subarus are a lot more cushy than I remember.

I'm joining on here because I want to troubleshoot and do some basic maintenance. F'instance, i just patched my left rear tire (speared it on a 2" bolt in the road the other day) because a) I could--it was right in the center of the tire tread and b) I didn't want to futz with the spare. Looks like I can replace that donut with a full-size spare-that'll be one of my first thread-hunts on this forum.

Anyone here in Richmond, VA, holler!

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