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New 2013 Outback - Arizona

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Hello, just got back with my 2013 Outback, come from a long line of Nissan vehicles, 2 Xterras and a Titan. Downsized to the Outback due to no longer needing a truck and hating the MPG of pretty much everything Nissan has to offer right now.

Had an awesome experience dealing with Cole & Scott the Internet & Fleet Managers at Subaru Superstore in Gilbert, AZ. Gave me top dollar in trade for the Titan, so very happy.

Test drove a completely loaded 3.6R Limited with every option available with 27k miles and was very tempted, but ultimately I think the 2.5Ltr makes a bit more sense - particularly with the Timing Chain now rather than a belt on the older ones. Very surprised by the CVT Transmission, I did test drive a manual trans but really didn't like the bush botton parking brake and tall 1st gear.

I think me and my family will be very happy with this Outback and I will likely be a regular visitor here.

Plan on getting the thing a little dusty on some dirt roads here in Arizona very soon.
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2013 Subaru Outback 2.5i CVT Premium w/All-Weather Pkg/Moonroof
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RiNkY, I am from east valley too with a 13 outback 2.5. This is my 1st Susie and loves it. Do you hear any clicking sound from your dash?
Nope - no clicking, other than the CDs I have stashed in the slot below the stereo, as my old Titan that I downsized from had a 6 disk changer and now I only have 1 Disk.

I have since rectified that by purchasing a 16gb USB Memory Stick, so will put the 6 CD's worth of music and then some all on there, which solves my issue.

I too am East Valley - Gilbert / Southern area.
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