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New 2017 Outback 3.6R owner with interior trim removal questions

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Hello, All

This isn't my car in question, nor do I have a Subaru even. It's for my mom's new car she lives with me long story she got laid off at her old job looked for work found a job 1,500 miles away which happened to be the same town that I live in, so now shes living with me (paying off the 18 years of freeloading)

That being said we live in the balmy state of North Dakota, so with the new car an auto-start was a feature that she wanted very much so. I looked at my options I could get a aftermarket system that I would have to tap into the factories wiring harness, which I refused to do since it's a brand new car. I decided to go with a factory unit although considerably more expensive about $150.00 more I preferred the factory one since the car is already pre-wired for it and I wouldn't have to cut any of the wiring harness.

Today she finally signed the paper work, the cars coming up from Minneapolis tomorrow 8/1/17, and we'll take delivery on Wednesday 8/2/17. During the negotiations I got screwed over ( my mom's 56 never bought a new car in her life) so I was doing most of the talking an she was okay with that. I was talking with the sales manager, and he said that if I bought a auto-start unit from them they would install it for free. That seemed to be a good deal to me with the small mark up that dealers have he'd make some money on it but loose that money for labor fees. After she signed the papers, with this free install not written down, all of a sudden he never said it would be free, they could install it but I would have to pay for labor.

The part that they would have installed would have been the H001SAL800 which to my understanding is the unit that has the terrible range less than 100 yards apparently. I could get it off amazon (example) for $289.00 the dealer wanted $379.00 for just the unit, and $189.00 to install it. I walked in thinking the auto-start (birthday present from me to my mom) was going to run me about $350.00 bucks, not close to $600.00.

I've restored several cars and redid a lot of wiring in them 51' Hudson, 63' Dodge D100, 68' Bmw, and even in my 95' Dodge Ram. I told the dealer, how much for an ECU flash so I can use the unit $40.00 was the total, so me being pig headed as I am. Decided to do the install myself using a H001SAL100 which is the long range unit model (400 yard range).

I am not worried about the wiring at all, that's going to be a breeze. I am concerned with pulling the dash apart, and breaking the small clips that hold it all together. The interior piece that has me most concerned is the A pillar. My understanding is to remove it all you have to do is rotate it away from the windshield and out the door. If anyone could chime in for help it would be greatly appreciated.

Side note, never having owned a Subaru I'm impressed how you forum is a giant group of people that are all nice to each other. Over at the Cummins forums I'm apart of they flame people pretty hard over there. I also tried to search for this topic in the search function however it did not cover the specific information I am looking for.

Thanks, Paul
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Have you looked at the instructions.
Not sure if that is the version you want, or which version is better. Subaru America ( ) lists H001SAL001; H001SAL000; H001SAL002. In my experience the low range one is poor, at least my friends is, and that was in nice weather.

The instillation looks involved, but doable. I would be careful around the airbag, like the instructions say.

My advice if you bust a clip is to replace it, to avoid rattles. The clips are cheap,. Be sure to use plastic implements in removing panels.

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I have the "Bad one" I like it, but it does have a limited range.
As for removing the A pillar:

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I'm not too worried with clips, new clips always have a little give to them. The install seems very easy, around the airbag as long as you are careful you shouldn't have issues.

Reading the instructions for both the 800 and 100 they never say how much force is required to remove the panel, if it was anything like my Ram it concerned me. I have no idea if the bad one is bad and the good one is good the only information I have read is from the internet.

Kentucky Outback thank you for the video it helps a lot, I wasn't sure how much I'd need to pull but this video made it much easier.

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"Auto-Start"..... do you mean push-button start...? If so, then why on earth would you not have just simply purchased one of the trims(Limited/Touring) that provide that specific feature....?

Seems like an awful lot of trouble that could've been avoided.
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