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new 3.6 owner

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Hi , everibody,

writng from Italy , and i'm an happy future owner of a new OB 3.6, it will arriving next week i hope.
Your forum is great , full of informationa and news on our Suby..

what i do not understand about our OB is :

Usa 3.6 Outback have different suspension and set up vs 2.5 ?
in general USA outback vs europe are more soft ??
Watching some photo i do not see the S I - Drive ( selection of different engine parameter like economy , sport..) is it true or only some model has it ? ( here in Itakly only 3.6 has it)

thanks a lot

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Thanks i'll let you know,
But what
about suspension set up 3.6 vs 2.5 ? They are different ? , i'do not try the 3.6 yet , only the 2.5 ( here in italy 3.6 are quite rare )
i've had for 4 years the first gen outback 3.0

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I can see that the 3.6 are rare in Italy as taxes must be high on such a big engined car ( for Europe ). I used to live in Varese, north of Milan in the 70's and I remember seeing Ferrari's and Lamborghini's with 2 liter motors....
From what I have seen in Holland and Germany, the 3.6 Executive has self-leveling rear suspension but everything else should be close to the same as the 2.5.
The US Outback sits higher on the suspension than in Europe because Subaru of America believes that their OB should be more utilitarian looking. However the few OB owners who do take their cars off-road, or live in an area with lots of snow, really like this as the height serves a real purpose.
Correct me if I am wrong but the Euro spec OB's are more like the Legacy cars we have here in the US, not as high off the ground and more car like in handling.
Enjoy your 3.6!!
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