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New front struts on 99 OB, did I do something wrong?

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I’m pulling to the left a little and I’m pretty sure both sides are making a knock noise when I go over potholes/bumps etc. I’ve driven on them for about 250+ miles now but I don’t know much about suspension yet, I heard they could need to be broken in but I have no idea what makes them “knock” I did also make sure to mark the top bolt at 12 o’clock position and tighten it back in the right place.

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Did you replace the strut mounts? I had a knock on one side of my mazda3 about 5k miles after replacing my struts. Turns out I had a bad strut mount which I obviously should've replaced when I put in the new struts. They seemed smooth/fine when I replaced the struts but 5k miles later and one of them was no longer smooth.

Try bouncing the car and see if you can illicit the same noise. If you can then have someone else bounce the car while you try and pin point said noise.

Btw, how the heck do you have a '99 Subaru which looks cleaner underneath and less rust then a 1 year old subaru from southern ontario?!
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