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New guy here....

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Don't hurt me.... I just bought an 03 Outback 2.5. So far I like it a lot. Easy to drive and plenty of power. Does have some issues though. Valve cover is leaking along with an overheating issue. I don't know if it's just a stuck thermostat or something else. I haven't bought a repair manual yet. There's other noises but I'm not too worried about those yet.

I searched for a way to disable the DRLs but so far no go. I just found a thread that said to pull the white plug under the steering wheel but that disabled all the lights. I know DRLs are supposed to be a safety thing but I like to not have extra load on the electrical system.
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Junkyard day!!

Turned up only a front brake dust shield. Was looking at the rotors on that donor car but they were in worse shape than mine. I have the dust shield from when I did that axle job(driver's side front replaced axle, knuckle, ball joint and outer tie rod). The original knuckle got tossed mostly because the original axle got stuck(needed a new bearing anyways) and the dust shield also got stuck. The junkyard knuckle I got came with the dust shield(originally took it off at the junkyard but went back for it a few days later) but I kinda was in a hurry to finish that up and forgot to re-install the shield.

Fast forward a few months... I finally get a moment to look at putting the shield back on since I needed to check the brake pads for glazing... The thing didn't fit for whatever reason. And now that I have a 2nd shield I noticed they are different sizes. If I remember reading correctly the 2000 OB/Legacy had 277mm rotors and 2001-2004 OB has 294(?).

I'm thinking the knuckle I grabbed was from a 2000 OB and shield is just the smaller rotor. Are the knuckles different even though they bolt up and axle splines(?) are also the same? Or am I thinking too much into those parts?
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