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I drive a tundra with a bunch of mods.

i like the outback,and it would make more sense for me to drive one then my Truck but making the leap down is a hard one.

I have been looking around and see there are some lifted outbacks out there, which has me more interested.
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Hmmmm - let's see. Tundra has roughly 10" ground clearance (10,2 to be exact - without mods) and 2013 Outback has roughly 9" ground clearance (8,7 to be exact).
Why would you want to "raise" Outback just by roughly by 1 inch?
Just curious.....

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my truck has a 3 inch lift and 35" tires.

i would want to raise an outback because i like to raise things, and i like sitting higher

it was just an observation i thought looked cool.

the reality is, my truck is a fun toy, but i have little kids so i spend more time going grocery shopping and to target then i do using my truck, soooo i been shopping around and i am interested in the 6 cylinder boxer and the AWD
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