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New Here and given an 03 Outback

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Hi all

We were just given an 03 Sub Outback Wagon from family and want my wife to drive it this winter.

I need to do the brakes all around tomorrow for safety and just wondering if there are some quick tips.

Another quick question to the forum. What is with the seating postion. My back is done for the day when I get in this car. My wife complains to but not as much as me. I am 6'4" and she is 5'10'. Is it the seats?

As well there are a few other issues but I will deal with them later.

I am attaching the decoded VIN info below incase there is info import that is related to this car.

Thanks in advance.

Anti-brake system: 4-Wheel ABS
Body style: WAGON 4-DR
Brake - front: Disc
Brake - rear: Disc
Cargo volume: 34.30 cu. ft. / 971.3 liter
Consumption in the city: 21 miles/gallon / 11.2 liters/100 km
Consumption on the highway: 27 miles/gallon / 8.7 liters/100 km
Curb weight: 3425 lbs / 1556.8 kg
Doors: station wagon
Driveline: AWD
Engine capacity: 4 Cylinder, 2.5 L
Engine code: 2500cc / 2.5L AWD
Engine series: 4-Cyl. 2.5L
Engine type: 2.5L H4 SOHC 16V
Fuel tank: 16.90 gallon / 64.0 liter
Fuel type: Gasoline
Ground clearance: 7.30 in / 18.5 cm
Line: Legacy/Baja
Overall height: 63.30 in / 160.8 cm
Overall length: 187.40 in / 476.0 cm
Overall width: 68.70 in / 174.5 cm
Safety restraints: Manual Seat Belt w/ Driver/Passenger Air Bags
Standard seating: 5
Steering Type: R&P
Tires: 225/60R16
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic Overdrive
Transmission type: AWD 4EAT
Trim level: Wagon w/ All-weather Package
Turning Diameter: 36.70 in / 93.2 cm
Warranty distance: 36 000 mile / 57 000 km
Warranty duration: 36 month
Wheelbase: 104.30 in / 264.9 cm
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It's nice to get all new hard ware and boots but you're probably too late for that - like rockauto or something generally has good priced alternatives for that stuff. like all new bushings and caliper clips.

I remove all the bushings that are on the slide pins and go inside the caliper slide bores. They swell and hang in the calipers, causing issues in the future...often right after a brake job..probably from being apart, moved, new grease not playing well with old grease, etc. It's so frequent I now just remove them, they're completely pointless anyway and subaru pins never had bushings for decades and they've always had robust brake systems.

Have caliper grease ready and clean/grease the slide pins, they will likely be low on grease. I did a 2003 last week and they were in horrible shape.

Verify your pads - I've seen 3 different pads for 02-03 era stuff, that 03 Outback H6 I did last week was a debacle, I had to order pad clips for a 99 Forester to get the right ones. The 02 and 03 outback pad clips wouldn't work.

If they are original rotors, favor having them turned if you can over new aftermarkets, the OEM probably is higher grade metal and it's cheaper too to have them turned.

if your body/back is picky then you'll have to be picky about vehicles or seats. if it's an issue then you'll want to try to drive in some different Subaru seats and see if any are better, then swap them in.

if you have a huge wallet, don't sit on it.

i've never sat in seats that bothered me so i can't relate to that.
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