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'05 2.5XT
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Ladies and Gentleman,

*Cricket, Cricket, Cricket....

I feel like I am late to the party. In any case I am a long time user, new member looking to share, and gain knowledge about our common love...Outbacks. I am the very proud owner of an 05 XT named Amelia. I purchased her on 2.22.12 with 92K miles, and to date I have 118K on her. I added a Weapon R intake, though when i get into my storage unit I am considering putting back on the original just not as happy with it as I thought I would be.

As far as I am aware I am on an original Turbo, though I am looking to replace it along with the oil line, and up/down pipes. I have read (on here) about the BNR turbos and I am considering going with them. Also I will be purchasing from primative racing king springs and struts combo with a Brazilian butt lift addition (1/4" rear lifters). I work an a place with a shop and lift so I will post pictures as much as I can. Hopefully I can share some experiences with you.

Well for me its back to reading about all the money I am going to spend on preventitive maintence. Its as they say if it has ( . Y . ) or Tires, its going to cost $$$$.

Cheers and happy driving.
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