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Great informative forum. Replaced our venerable TDi Sportwagen with a 2018 2.5i gas Subaru Outback Limited. We needed to upgrade to AWD and wanted to remain in the "Wagon Mafia" - avoiding the ubiquitous bloated small/mid-sized SUV/Crossovers.

To be honest, the competing VW gas AllTrack handled well, actually better on the road, than the Subaru Outback, but it hasn't up-sized in years, so remained too small for our cargo needs.

Sure wish Subaru sold their diesel in the USA as they do in Australia and other places. May USA buyers lament this void. Also read of the future planned demise of the Subaru gas 3.6 6-cyl boxer, and its diesel counterpart... disappointing.

Will be posting some useful info and photos once I get enough posts logged here, to do so.
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