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Hello everyone! I just bought a 2002 Outback I found on Craig's list in my home town and believe it or not it was an honest deal! 144,00 miles and $500 below trade in book value! It has an exhaust leak at the converter connection and need lots of TLC to get it clean and polished out but I'm a lucky guy.
This Subaru relplaces my 93 wagon that has only has 187,000 miles but drove me crazy with repairs due to rust from salty roads here in CT. I'm a hack mechanic and car nut so many hours were spent working on my old Subaru. I hope my "new " Outback goes the distance.
This car drives so much better than my 2002 RAV4 and there is nothing better in snow than a Subaru. I went thru snow almost over the hood with my last one (after a bit of runnung start that is) and if it ever snows like it used to every year I'm looking forward to doing that again. I hope to be of some help to others and get some help myself.
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