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2017 Outback Premium 2.5L Lapis Blue with Eyesight. This is my second Outback - first was a 2015 Premium without Eyesight
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Hi all,

I'm a new member and the happy owner of my second Outback, this time with Eyesight. Midcoast Maine seems to be the Subaru capital of the world - every time I pull into a parking lot, 99% of the cars are Subarus of all stripes and ages.

I have a question about the retractable cross bars. Can they be used as is, i.e., without installing an additional cross bar system? I want to use them to take a few old windows to the local ReStore, but in researching the subject, I find dueling opinions. Would someone please give me a straight answer?


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moved to gen 5 section.

with large things,...easier and safer for them to put them inside the car with the seats folded. then they don't have to be secured from flying off the car in a 50mph wind of driving.

are they bigger then the insides of a 17 outback will permit, (with a nice big tarp to protect any upholstery or plastics from getting bumped / scratched).?

(edit: and yeah wrapping them in a tarp 100% would be nice, so as to not get flying glass at you in a wreck, ...what maybe plate glass at your neck would be bad).

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They'll be perfectly fine. I load mine up with a Thule box full of camping gear. Also have strapped on a recumbent tadpole and driven 70MPH with no issues.

A couple windows going down to the local store shouldn't be a problem.
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