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Hi, I am a new member and have been researching Subaru's the last couple of months. Debating on new vs. used and outback vs. forester.
Today I ran across a 1999 Subaru out 2.5i 30th anniversary edition with 49k and said to be kept in great condition. Asking price $7,500.00
Any thoughts?

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For that same $7,500, you could get a Gen 3 that's 10 years newer and perhaps <100k miles.

Seller may be banking on the 30th anniversary special model here.

Still, doesn't cost you anything to look at it.

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a 30th anniversary is not that special. (one little decal badgey thing on a limited).
Everything Subaru Outback Archives 1998-1999: options, prices, history.

and these 1999 are not rare, even if that one is ultra low miles / rust free,

even if mint, I bid $2000, if it has some upgraded suspension that makes it more tolerable from the factory, a car with the arguably worst engine the company has ever made.
and I doubt it will sell for much more then that around Seattle or Colorado where the prices are highest.

for that kind of money find something newer....any legacy or legacy outback is better.


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