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New member with a new Outback

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My wife and I bought our first Subaru today, a 2012 Caramel Bronze Pearl Outback 2.5i Limited w/ Moonroof and Wheel Locks.

We haven't bought a car in 10 years, getting them new is so much fun!

We traded in my old daily driver, a 2001 Saturn SC2 with ~61,300 miles.
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2012 OB 2.5 Limited CVT Satin White, Nav, Roof, bodyside moldings, rear bumper underguard, 3M Paint Protection
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I actually thought my wife would find that Caramel well as the Sage be appealing coming out of her previous car (GM's White Diamond), and a nice change of pace coming from the typical silvers and tans we've also owned most recently.

So, I found myself properly surprised when she announced her favorite OB colors were the Sky Blue.....which I also liked a well as the Satin White. Our final decision was driven by interior color; we both much preferred the Ivory Leather to the Off Black, so the Satin White was the choice.

That Caramel Bronze, while probably not everyone's cup of tea, is a pretty unique color.....and I find it appealing for that reason alone.
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