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2017 BB Outback Touring 2.5i
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Hello all,
Recently registered on here after looking over threads for the past year. Mainly stopped by to see how to install various items on my '17 Outback (19mm rear sway bar, JDM grille, rallyarmor with OEM splash guards, Hella supertones). Looked into the lift kits but I won't be doing anything that drastic.

I've been a member on my local subaru forum, NASIOC, and for years. I chose to sign up here because I'll actually be going back to a WRX next spring and I'll have some Outback related items to sell. I had two WRX's before the Outback and I miss driving one too much. It's unfortunate they don't make them in the hatch anymore. But I bribed my fiance with her getting a new SUV next year so I can have a WRX again...

I'll also be posting up my 17k mile 1996 Subaru SVX for sale on here. It's a long shot, but perhaps there's another die-hard Subaru fanatic out there.


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