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Bought myself a black 2013 2.5i 6sp manual last Wednesday. I'm still on my first tank of gas :)

Traded in my 99 Avalon for it. The Avalon and the new pup did not work together, plus I was looking at a few bits of mildly expensive repairs (AC compressor and all new brake lines).

My other rig is a 94 Toyota Landcruiser that I have all modded out and love dearly. However... that is a nearly non-replaceable vehicle and while is great for offroad and hauling stuff, it gets abysmal gas mileage and is a dog on the highway. I've been driving it 600+ miles a week to go bird hunting with the dog and the gas mileage was killing me. I also hate to wear it out with highway miles. I can always get a new OB if I wear the new one out or wreck it. The land cruisers get a little wussier and more electronicized every year so I want to make this one last. The OB besides DD duty will easily haul the dog and the gear needed for pheasant hunting :) The cruiser stays parked unless I plan to go offroad now.

My rig is the base model, the dealer installed accessories on the lot were: the plastic guards on the back of the 2nd row, the plastic cargo tray in the back, and splash guards. I added in the OEM pet barrier myself (no way was I going to pay $80 to have it installed).

I have the side and rear cargo nets on the way. I installed weathertech front and rear floor mats which are great.
Sold my cherry 93 LC this summer. Really miss it. 152,000 miles factory leather and tint ordered with out the stupid running boards. 12-13mpg hurts though. Wife likes the 07 sequoia better softer ride. But the LC was way more fun to drive. Our OB is the daily hauler and primary road trip ride.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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