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2013 OB 2.5i Limited
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How's it going guys. I just bought a new Outback Limited 2.5i with the Eyesight. I used the Guaranteed Trade In Program from Subaru to hand in my 2011 WRX.

I originally wanted the Outback last year, but the test drive was underwhelming and I got caught by the lusty force that was the WRX. Dropping $6k in aftermarket tuning and parts later and living my boy-racer fantasies, I realized after about a year of daily use that it wasn't for me anymore, and I truly outgrew a car like that many years ago. I commute 80 miles a day six days a week and even on days off I'm driving a minimum of 60 miles round trip just to visit friends. Despite being a fabulous car for its purpose, the NVH, harsh ride, and Greater LA traffic jams have taken their toll on me a lot faster than I imagined. Test driving the '13 Outback was considerably more impressive than I remembered the 2011 model being and the GTP deal along with Eyesight closed me.

I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow evening after work. Look forward to reading lots of useful stuff from this forum.
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