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I've been researching these cars for a couple years now and finally had the opportunity to get one this past November. After countless hours of scouring auto shopper,, ect. I finally came across this prime example of a 2003 OBS

After a bit of arguing with the credit union, I picked this up with just over 44,000 on the clock. It has everything I wanted aside from the rear spoiler. Auto climate control, H6, VDC, McIntosh sound, clean carfax, one owner. Pretty much a brand new car for under 8k. The car even has a cool stealth k40 radar detector. When I looked in the glove box I found the owners manual and the original maintenance book; which was meticulously recorded.

Since owning the car I've put about 9000 miles on it and love it aside from the fuel economy. As of now I'm looking to get the bumpers refinished and a clear bra installed. Enjoy.
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