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Hello to all!

My name is David.

I am the proud new owner of a 2000 Outback Wagon Ltd. I purchased it yesterday from a family that had it since new.

I was recently looking for a winter beater, and my search turned into looking for something much more than a beater.

I belong to a car club in my area, 'Top Tier imports'. We have many STi's and WRX's in this group. They have been a huge influence on me and my motion to fall in love with Subaru's.

i have my heart set on a 2014 STi. I know that is a ways away from now, and so this was the reason I went from a winter beater to a minty OBW.

I already have plans to do some minor body work, and touch up that are showing from age of the vehicle. nothing too major.

The car came with brand new winter tires & wheels, so I am good in that department. The only modifications I see for this wagon is a K&N drop in filter, an Un-equal header and a borla cat back exhaust. I really want that Subie rumble when I roll around this winter.

Anyhow, that is my intro.

I hope to learn a lot about my subaru from all of you.



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Welcome from Vermont aswell!
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