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Seems a majority of my friends have Subarus, and I have discovered a good ex-Subaru tech who works on cars from home. Hope that means I never have to visit a dealer.

I sold my '04 4Runner in search of something more efficient, but I still wanted to explore dirt roads & get around in snow. I found a few Outbacks & a Baja, taking my top picks to a local import mechanic who quickly found potential problems with them. Then I found a high-mileage '05 Outback (195k) with a younger motor from an '05 Baja (100k & new head gaskets) and lots of other positive things. With exception of a suspect front axle, it got a thumbs up from my guy, so I bought it. I was really holding out for a 5-speed, but I think the enormous extended sunroof sold me on it - and the fact that it had new tires, too. I did my research and figured out I could fix the axle and stay within my budget. I replaced both front axles for good measure.

My kids call it a mom car, so i'm slowly trying to give it more masculine appeal. Funny, they absolutely forbade me to buy a Baja, based on their idea of what they want to be dropped off at school in. Dang, I think Bajas are pretty cool?!


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