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2008 Subaru Outback Base, 2.5, 5 speed
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Hi there,

It's 1996, I'm 12 years old watching TV and all of a sudden Crocodile Dundee is rallying across the desert in the coolest looking wagon I've ever seen. I've wanted one ever since.

Fast forward many years, I've been a Dodge/Chrysler fanboy for years now, especially the late 80's early 90's turbo 2.2 and 2.5's, but they are getting so hard to find parts for you can't realistically daily drive them anymore. I still have a modded 1991 LeBaron GTC turbo, but the car I'm daily driving is about to puke. I decide I'm finally going to buy myself a Subaru Outback, the one car I've always wanted. My requirements for the Outback were no turbo (no modding temptations) and a manual trans.

I found a one owner 2008 base model 5 speed Outback at a local lot that only carries low mileage, good quality cars. The salesman also had a really cool mustache. As I was filling out paperwork the lady that traded it in happened to be there servicing her new car and I could tell she still loved that Outback, she walked around it several times and couldn't stop talking about it.

I'm only a few months in now, and I have some impressions. I've had to replace the overhead map console for the common airbag light issue. The TPMS warning light is flashing all the time (even though all tires are perfectly inflated). The engine is loud on cold starts. But it doesn't leak a drop of anything. Gets decent gas mileage. It's also small. I was surprised how much smaller it is than our 2003 Accord the first time I parked it in the garage. I really like the car. I am nervous about the head gaskets and timing belt, at 112,000 miles now. But most people would tell me that my old Dodge/Chrysler's always blew headgaskets and I've never lost one after hundreds of thousands of hard miles so I'm hoping for the best keeping it properly maintained.

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