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Well.... I broke down last month and sold my GMC torbodiesel... and Lo and Behold... I finally bought my dream car! It is an 01 outback green/tan.. 2.5 h4 with a 5mt. two tiny rust spots above the left rear tire and back bumper slightly askew. 900.00 with 217k on it and a brand new set of IG20 yokohamas on it. Runs like a wet dream. this is NOT my first soobaroo having started out with my love of these cars with an 82 BRAT which i loved for 5 years. my 1st question is ... what should I be watching out for at this mileage....... 2nd would be : how do I find out if this has the all weather package? ( car started out in Schamburg, Il ) Inspection tells me that the timing belt has been done recently ... and the prev owner stated that the head gaskets were done at 170k. Thoughts, comments, recommendations?