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2011 Outback Limited 2.5i/2018 Crosstrek limited
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Well...I had the new prop shaft put in the Outback...and the shake is gone. Also had the left front axle replaced...again. The axles when replaced have a three year warranty...I hope this one lasts more than 3 months.

While at the dealership we test drove a new crosstrek. What a really nice car! Liked it so much we looked at trading the OB and getting one. Our OB has 140,000km (84,000 miles) ..on it. Blackbook price trade in is between 8500 and offer yet but was told around $6k is what they could give us. What an our intelligence and to what the car is worth. To add to it...was given all the excuses as to why...everything from my non functional reverse camera to $1500 to detail we don’t use blackbook anymore...We are still waiting on the final numbers...but not holding our breath.
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