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Stupid question here:

I have been around cars / trucks and equipment for a long time.
We are having an issue with the rear brakes on our 2003 Outback Wagon.

It has new rear rotors, new rear brake pads, new rear brake lines and new inner dust "metal" splash shields and new rear reman calipers.

IE-- Everything is NEW. We did not use factory Subaru stuff, but we did buy good OEM quality stuff from .

I cannnot for the life of me get rid of this intermittent squeak coming from my rear brakes.

Everything works fine and stops great, BUT -- occasionally the rear brakes will annoyingly sqeak (high pitched over 50 mph..

Press the brake pedal a tad bit and the sound goes away for a bit and returns in a few minutes later.

Took everything apart and bought the good quality Permatex purple colored Silicone brake lube. Lubed the pins and the inner side of the pads (again) and reassembled. Did not work.

Yanked it apart 2 weeks later and sanded down the pads a bit. Did not fix it.

Turned the brand new rear rotors a small amount. Did not fix.

Any thoughts or advice here would be appreciated ? This high pitched squeal drives me nuts !

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That's something else. Did the pads you installed have the metal plates, shims, attached to them? If not, that would cause noise. That "disc quiet" crap never works. It only catches the dirt.

Pads need the metal shims and hardware needs to be replaced with the pads because minute divots will develop in the aluminum through the life of the pads.


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