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Well I have been reading all the posts on suspensions on this forum which is great and decided to upgrade my suspension. I had 107,000 miles on my 2008 XT 5 MT. After reading all the posts I decide to stick to the stock OEM set up which was done by a Subaru dealer. The cost was $1200 for the struts, shocks and alignment which is fair. Well I must say it is a huge difference and I am really pleased. The ride is firm but not harsh and the car feels like new again. I had not noticed how bad it was until i tried test driving new Outbacks. My cars suspension was completely worn out. I was considering a new Outback but now have decided to stick with mine for now as it rides so well. The engine and clutch are working well and I like the compact size of the 2005-2009 Outbacks. I also want to see what the new 2014 WRX will be as I enjoy a manual transmission. I like the fuel economy of the CVT Outback but the power of the 3.6 and love the driving dynamics of the WRX and you can not get them all. Anyway the stock strut shock setup is really good for bad roads and not that much more than a KYB setup. I drove a used Outback for comparison which had a KYB setup which was much firmer (harsh?). If you have good roads that would be fine but for NH frost heaves and crumbled pavement the stock setup is great. Getting all four wheels done is also key I think. Cheaper than a new car too. Cheers
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