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1999 Subaru Legacy Outback. Stock engine (2.5), manual trans. 100% stock.
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I used to be a hardcore DSM fan (1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS).
I finally had to sell it/junk it.
Maybe I just grew up a bit but, the first car that really came into my mind was the Subaru Outback.
All Wheel Drive, rock solid engine, great handling, and some hauling capacity (roof rack, or cargo area), all the things that I really want right now.
After some looking, I settled on a 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback.
It does have some miles on it (180k), but the guy I bought it from had the receipts and papers to show that the heads, head gaskets, timing belt (and all timing components), and water pump had been done 10k miles ago (I did a little research, and found that after 140k those things, especially the heads an head gaskets need to be done. I hope I was right in believing that).
He initially wanted $3900 for it, and I worked him down to $3k.
The body is almost perfect. Two minor paint scrapes on the rear bumber, one on each corner, and a small dent on the hood, by the scoop, are the only things wrong with the body.
The interior is immaculate. There is not a single thing wrong with it. It was a non-smoker, one owner, which I am happy about, since I quit smoking a year ago.
All the electronics work (the major ones anyway), and the 6 disk CD changer even works.
To be honest, I am absolutely amazed at how quiet, and how smooth the engine is (I can't even hear it, or feel it) when it is at an idle.
The handling is absolutely amazing. This is the first all wheel drive vehicle I have owned, and I am VERY impressed with it.
Everything in it is 100% stock.
As far as I know, it is the standard 2.2 engine, with a manual trans (I love manuals, and always look for that in a car when I am buying one).
There were a few issues that I had to fix, and some still to do, but all of them minor.
1. Tires were crap. I replace them with Firestone Winterforce tires, because of the season. I will most likely go with some all season HP Nexen tires in the spring, and maybe a set of alloy wheels.
2. Right side headlight was out. Replaced both sides with Ultra Star's.
3. Replaced all wipers with Goodyear beam blades.
4. I need to replace the spark plug wires (I have the wires, just haven't done it yet). I am going to replace the plugs at the same time.
5. The front windshield washer does not work. As far as I can tell, the motor just needs to be replaced. It's on the to-do list.
6. Both fog lights do not work, and need to be replaced, maybe (question to follow).
7. I bought a universal cargo space liner, and cut it to fit in the cargo area. Seriously, the car, the carpeting, is so clean (I know the previous owner had it detailed an shampooed, and that is great), that I want to preserve that clean look and smell.

Those were the only issues.
At this point, I am so impressed with this car, I am looking at buying another one in a year or two (when my credit is repaired, and a newer one), and my wife wants one BIG TIME.
I am converted from DSM, to Subaru. lol

Now, I want to get the rest of my issues taken car, namely the fog lights.
Both do not work.
Now, I do not know if these are a sealed beam light unit, or if they just have lens coverings, with a separate bulb.
If they are sealed, then I need to get the whole unit.
However, if they are not, then I would think I just need to replace the lens, and the bulb.
I should mention, that both fog lights have holes in them, from what is most likely rock damage.
I would also like to mention, that I really do want actual fog lights. Where I live, I get a lot of REALLY THICK FOG, and true fog lights would be VERY NICE. I don't just want looks, I want function.
If that is the case, can anybody suggest a place I can go, to buy this stuff, that is not going to kill my wallet?
I have no problem with going after market, and doing the work myself (I have rebuilt engines, and everything in between). I just don't feel like paying $110 per light assembly.
Also, I am thinking about replacing the clutch. If I want to do that, I was thinking about an ACT 2600 (that was a Mitsu clutch for my 95 Eclipse, most likely doesn't apply for my Subaru, but you get the idea,probably overkill anyway), and having a shop install it. Any thoughts on that?
I also did buy a car alarm for it, but have yet to install it.
Is there anything else I should start looking at replacing/repairing?
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