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2012 Subaru Outback 2.5i
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Greetings all,

I'm new to the Subaru family. I spent a couple of months doing some research for a new car since my 6MT 2008 G37S coupe did not scale with the needs of myself, wife and our two dogs. We traded in the G37 and ended up with 2012 Outback 2.5i in sky blue and we're both extremely happy with it.

The car for obvious reasons is entirely different that it's predecessor, however it came at a very attractive price as well as a great reputation these cars are known for in addition to the real estate we gain with it's roomy interior. We recently did a remodel in our home and I remember having to rent a truck to pick stuff up from the store because it did not fit in my wifes accord, or the G37. The first thing we did after we bought this car on Saturday was drive straight to Pier One( Go ahead and lol at me) and then Home Depot afterwards and we were happy as pigs in doo doo with all of the room and things we can now do. It's silly for many but to us this was fantastic and forsee this vehicle to be of more useful in our lives than our previous vehicle.

While it's the base model it did come with some additional goodies such as the fog lights, rear bumper protector, splash guards, rear plastic cover, the side colormatch molding/protector. I ordered the OEM doggy partition, as well as the front and rear bumper under-guards ( they look sweet IMO).

Here are some of the features as the car sits and things I like and some I don't like.

Do not likes:

1. Pin Stripes - That's got to go, I think it's cute and all and the dealer did not charge for it, but simply I do not care for it. My wife disagrees with me and that's ok.

2. Factory Radio - Don't care for it much, but again it's expected at that price range. I'm a tinkerer/modder, right now I have my eye on a Clarion NX702, but exploring other models as well. I should have a decision before the summer is over.

3. Plastic steering wheel - Again coming from an Infiniti it's understandable, however the solution to this is rather simple, the leather wrapped steering wheel as well as shift knob can be had at a very reasonable price. Another upgrade to be done in due time.

4. Auto Adjusting Seats - Again comparing it's predecessor with the car, which is also a rather unfair comparison, but again this did not affect our overall decision overall, and more of an opinion.

Things we like in no particular order:

1. The color, the color it's so pretty. They told me it was the last year they planned on doing sky blue.

2. Interior space!!! Gosh I want to put the seats down and sleep in it.

3. Fuel economy, again not that great for a 4 cylinder engine but at sustained 24-26 mpg for a car that size is fantastic.

4. All wheel drive all the time.

5. Looks - It's pretty too look at in my opinion, though this could go under #1 as well.

6. Ground clearance. Again not many mountains to climb here in South Tejas but with the fuel economy, all wheel drive, and the ground clearance we can pretty much go anywhere we would want to go, most importanly our dogs can travel with us and . With the Infiniti I remember I had to watch where I was going so I would not scrape, or get absolutely beat up on rougher roads, on longer trips, forget about it, the wife hated sitting on that car for too long that it made her almost feel claustrophobic, not the case thus far.

It's our first Subaru, and while I have always been hesitant when purchasing a new car, on this particular car we bought it with confidence and have great expectations on long term dependability on this car, understanding like many things are prone to fail on the bests of car so we are realists despite our expectations.

Cliff notes for the tldr; types.
We love our OB and are happy to be here !!!!

I has wagons.
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Howdy and welcome.

...although Dolan frightens me.
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