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New to me 05 XT ABS light and Error SS

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Picked up an 05 XT with 77,000 miles about a month ago. Now the ABS light comes on with error code SS or 55. Always resets itself on the next drive cycle. Can come on in a matter moments or after an entire day. Have tried to search but didn't come up with anything. Can anyone shed some light on this??


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The "ErSS" that appears in the instrument panel trip meter is indicating a LAN communications problem related to a wheel speed sensor. Basically, it's saying that either there's no wheel speed sensor signal, or the signal isn't what it should be. The ABS light is lit indicating that the ABS is not working, because without reliable wheel speed signals the ABS system can't function; consequently, it is automatically disabled when this type of problem arises.

There might also be one or more ABS system trouble codes related to that speed sensor. A trouble code would be generated, for example, if the connection between the ABS controller and a wheel speed sensor is open or short circuited.

Wheel sensor signal problems sometimes are due to dirt accumulated at the wheel sensor, preventing it from picking up magnetic signals from the spinning wheel hub. It can also be the result of a replacement wheel hub not having the proper magnetic strip to signal the sensor, or improper installation of the sensor.

Intermittent problems can be a challenge, but if the ABS light is on, a Subaru dealer, or Subaru specialist shop, can use the Subaru diagnostic tool (Subaru Select Monitor) to read whatever ABS codes might be stored. That might identify which wheel is involved, allowing for more focused examination and/or troubleshooting.

I'm not aware of any other way to read the ABS codes on a 2005.

Hope this helps. Others will probably contribute more . . .
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