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New to me 2001 OB, drivetrain issues.

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Hello everyone. My girlfriend and I picked up a 2001 Outback LL Bean edition several days ago. It's done 122k miles, and has the 3.0L. According to AutoCzech, it's had one owner prior to us, and lived in Irwin, Pa.

This is my first Subaru, and I will admit that my Subaru knowledge is limited, but I'm definitely not new to turning a wrench.

Reading up on the site here, I decided to check and change the diff fluids, seeing as I had no idea when they had been last done. The front diff fluid was low and dark. Of course, the plug-magnet had a sludge coating, but no large pieces.

The rear diff was a different story. The fluid looked good, but hidden in the sludge coating on the plug magnet were some metal chips, the largest of which looked a lot like the one in this picture: I let the diff drain for a bit, then stuck a telescoping magnet in the drain hole to see if I could catch anything else. I got nothing.

Has anyone else had chips like this on their rear diff magnet?

If the diff is going, it could be what's causing my slight shudder between 5-35mph...
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2001 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean 3.0L H6
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I do not have torque bind, thank God, but I am getting some clicking out of the passenger side CV axle. They're a lot cheaper than I thought they would be, so once I get some more money together, I'll replace the CV axles and the ball joints since they look like they've seen better days.
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