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New to Subaru Community 09 XT

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How's it going fellow Subaru enthusiast. So as the subject title states I'm new to the World of Subaru. I'm a new owner of a 2009 Subaru OB XT. Its a 5spd manual and has 115k miles. The car is in great mechanical and cosmetic condition. With that being said I'd like to keep it that way. I want to do mods that would prolong the life of the turbo and engine. Not looking for a track car. Please forgive me if I sound nieve on here but like I said its my first subaru. Can you all share some recommended mods that would help with reliability and performance that wouldn't be an issue with emissions? I live in California.
Read about removing the Banjo bolt and tossing the filter. Things I've read about and possibly interested in is; oil/air separator, cat back exhaust, down pipe, up pipe, intercooler, waste gate, avcs oil line, digital boost solenoid, cold air intake. Which would you recommend doing or not doing and what manufactures for parts? Would like to avoid tuning if I could but if I had to who would you recommend? Want to do maybe a lift to add some beefier tires/rims and suspension...any recommendations?
Thank you
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Definitely pull the filter from the turbo feed banjo, right away. Then:

Start by getting a Cobb AccessPort. Cobb's off-the-shelf Stage 1 tune, with no hardware mods, gains you substantial power and is actually much healthier for the engine than the stock tune, which burns the #4 exhaust valves due to excessive leanness.

Drive it for a while. Want more power? Get a catted 3" downpipe and run Cobb's Stage 2 tune, or preferably a pro tune. A stage 2 pro tune is the optimal balance of power and engine safety.

Want more power? That's a whole different conversation.
Until then, no other hardware mods are beneficial, and most are inadvisable.
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Exhaust: assuming you mean the catback, it's just about noise. The factory catback is fine for stage 2, theoretically not a restriction until about 300 WHP. Personally, I like something that flows a bit more at stage 2, the butt dyno feels a difference.

Air/oil separators are popular with the kids. Maybe beneficial, I dunno.

STAY AWAY from aftermarket intakes unless you're going for big power or at the very least getting a custom tune. The added flow runs you lean, which is the enemy of engine life. You could run a Cobb intake with a Cobb Stage 1+ OTS tune, but that's about the only safe CAI solution without a custom tune, and it gains you nothing but noise.

The stock intercooler is fine through stage 2. HOWEVER, I highly recommend a Bulletproof kit, mandatory if you go to stage 2. Look up BarManBean at
I definitely should have mentioned that above.
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